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Continuous Scrolling on Mobile – Google Search October Update

Google has introduced continuous scrolling in Google Search on mobile devices. What does this mean for your website?

Google regularly comes out with updates to improve the user experience on their platform. Some of these updates are minor and some are colossal. This one sits somewhere in the middle. This October, Google has launched an update to make Google Search on mobile more seamless and intuitive.

What’s this update?

Google has introduced continuous scrolling in Google Search on mobile devices. It simply means that when you reach the bottom of the page, instead of seeing the “see more” button, the next set of relevant search results will appear automatically.

Let’s look at continuous scrolling in action in a video from Google:

Google Continuous Scroll

Google’s Continuous Scroll vs Infinite Scroll

Continuous Scroll should not be confused with Infinite Scroll in search results. What Google has introduced will load relevant results upto four pages of results. This allows the user to scroll for much longer and see many more results before having to tap the “see more” button.

Unlike continuous scrolling, infinite scrolling is when there is no end to the number of search results and the user can go on scrolling down without ever having to press a “view more results” button.

What does Continuous Scrolling mean for Paid Google Search Ads?

Google’s latest update does not impact how the Ad auction works and how Ad Rank is calculated. The only change that will be implemented for Paid Advertisements is the redistribution of the number of text ads that show between the top and the bottom of the page.

As a result of the continuous scroll, Google Search Text Ads can now show on the top of the second page and beyond. Fewer text ads will show at the bottom of each page.

Unlike Google Search Text Ads, there is no change to how Local and Shopping Ads show.

What can be expected as a result of this latest Continuous Scrolling Google Update?

Search, Local and Shopping Ads may witness an increase in the number of impressions as a result of this update. This may lead to a reduction in CTR. Google Ads experts expect clicks, conversions , average CPC and average CPA to remain flat.

Google Ads experts also expect more impressions from top ads as compared to bottom ads. Performance Data for Ads can be segmented by “Top vs Other” to understand the performance of text ads based on their position on the Search Result Pages.

When and Where will the Continuous Scroll Google Update be launched?

Google has started rolling out the update gradually from 14th October 2021 for most English searches on mobile in the US. Other countries and languages are expected to get this update in 2022.

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