SERP Volatility and Google Updates

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SERP Volatility: refers to the constant changes in the position of website ranking in Google’s result pages.

  • The SERP Volatility is updated around 1 pm AEDT (UTC + 11) every day.
  • The SERP Volatility values are for the Australia Google Database across all categories. 
  • Values are updated from Semrush Sensor. 

Recent Google Algorithm Updates

Mar 03, 2022
Google Page Experience Update

The page experience rollout for desktop, that Google announced back in February, is now complete.

This update focuses on the site's desktop page experience. Read more about it in this post.

Dec 16, 2021
Local Search Rankings

Google concluded their November Local Search Update on December 8, 2020. According to this update, local updates are based on three factors: relevance, distance and prominence

In simple words, this update helps local businesses that are close to the user rank better than those that are far away. 

Read more about this here

Dec 2, 2021
Product Review Update

Today Google announced that they are launching the Product Review update for English-language pages. 

It'll be rolled out just in time for Christmas. 

Nov 4, 2021
November 2021 Spam Update

A tweet by Google Search Liaison suggests that Google has recently released a spam update as part of regular algorithm updates. 

Site owners are asked to follow the Webmaster Guidelines. 

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