Technical SEO

Understand the nitty-gritty of website structure, crawling and indexing, and other technical aspects of optimising for search engines.

Streamline your SEO reporting process and unlock valuable insights for your website's success with this free Google Data Studio SEO template.
Non-canonical pages in sitemap send misleading signals to search engines and can lead to indexability issues. Learn how to fix these.
If you're spending a lot of time doing SEO Audits, you'll benefit greatly from this free SEO Audit tool that I've created on Google Sheets.
A Robots.txt file simply tells the search engine crawlers (for e.g. Googlebot) which URLs they are allowed to access on the site.
In August 2022, Google launched support for the Pros and Cons Structured Data for editorial review pages to help users researching products.
Broken Link Building is a technique of building backlinks by replacing links to broken pages (404s) with working links to your target site.
When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, website architecture is extremely important. Use screaming frog to analyse your site structure.
Canonical URL comes in handy when a single page is accessible by multiple URLs or different pages have very similar content.
Google has introduced the new Search Console URL Inspection API to allow programmatic access to URL level data for properties.
Google has just introduced a new robots tag, indexifembedded to give more control to site owners over which content they want to be indexed.

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