Google Algorithm Updates

Stay ahead of the curve – Here we break down the latest changes to the search giant’s algorithm and what it means for your website’s ranking.

Google announces the rollout of the August 2023 core update, marking another step towards refining search result rankings.
The February 2023 product review update will better reward websites that share high-quality product reviews, developed by experts or enthusiasts who know the topic well.
On 12th September 2022, Google launched its September 2022 Core update, the second core update of this year.
Google has launched a new "Helpful Content Update", which aims to deliver more original, helpful content written by people in search results.
Google has recently launched its May 2022 Core Update which is meant to make search results more relevant and valuable.
Google's Product Review Update 2021 is designed to promote high-quality and reliable product reviews and will be rolled out in three weeks.
Google will begin rolling out the page experience ranking update to desktop search results starting in February 2022.
The July 2021 Link Spam Google Search Engine algorithm updates have brought links in the spotlight. Learn how you can optimise links for SEO.

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